Stainless Steel Boba Straws - Beveled Tip


Ideal size and length for boba/bubble tea, smoothies, milkshakes, jumbo drinks and more homemade beverages. #SayNoToPlastic


* Two (2) stainless steel straws
* Beveled tip

Premium 100% food-grade 304 stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.

1 - Wash reusable straws in hot water prior to first use
2 - Adult supervision is required when used by children under 12 years old (watch the pointy end!)

Why Reusable?

Using a reusable cup for boba tea is a great way to enjoy your favorite drink while being kind to the planet. It reduces waste from single-use plastics, cutting down on pollution and conserving resources.

With proper care, reusable cups can last for years, offering a sustainable alternative. Many cafes also offer discounts for bringing your own cup. Embrace sustainability with every sip!