DIY Classic Bubble Milk Tea Kit

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DIY Classic Bubble Milk Tea Kit (8 Servings) Includes:

* Boba/Bubble/Tapioca Pearls (400g/14oz)
* Earl Grey Black Loose Leaf Tea  (14g/0.5oz)
* Jasmine Green Loose Leaf Tea (14g/0.5oz)
* 2 Reusable Boba Stainless Steel Straws (8.5" length x 0.5" diameter)
* "The Art of Bubble Tea" Recipe & Information Booklet

Make your own bubble tea at home with our foolproof DIY kit! Hot or cold, 0% or 50% sugar - it's totally up to you! 

Have fun customizing your signature bubble tea drink and sharing it with your friends (or not 😉)!

Note: Our boba is packaged in a compostable food vacuum pouch, not plastic! The pouches we use are 100% compostable in domestic and commercial environment and are also ocean-friendly, dissolving in marine environments within 26 weeks.

10% of our proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit organization, The Story of Stuff Project. We welcome you to learn more about our mission!

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