DIY Classic Bubble Milk Tea Kit

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DIY Classic Bubble Milk Tea Kit - Approximately 8 Servings, Includes:

* boba/bubble/tapioca pearls/the good stuff (whatever you want to call it!) - 14oz
* earl grey black loose leaf tea - 0.5oz
* jasmine green loose leaf tea - 0.5oz
* 2 reusable boba stainless steel straws
* "The Art of Bubble Tea" recipe booklet

Make your own bubble tea at home with our foolproof DIY kit! Hot or cold, 0% or 50% sugar - it's totally up to you! Our ingredients are sourced from Taiwan for your authentic bubble tea experience.  Each kit comes with tapioca pearls, two flavors of tea (Earl Grey Black and Jasmine Green), two stainless steel bubble tea straws, and our exclusive recipe booklet! Have fun customizing your signature bubble tea drink and sharing it with your friends (or not 😉)!

A portion of our proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit organization, The Story of Stuff Project. Together, we can help create a wave of change and stop plastic pollution!

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