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What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea - a unique beverage invented in Taiwan in the 1980s. Classic bubble tea is a combination of tea with milk and a layer of yummy, chewy tapioca pearls (aka boba/bubbles), usually served in a transparent cup to showcase its beauty. The drink is called bubble tea not only for the tapioca pearls, but also because of the bubbly foam created when you blend the drink in a shaker.

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Coming Soon

Reusable bubble tea cups, portable boba straws, fun bubble tea flavor desserts, and more! Have any requests or ideas? Send them our way through our Instagram! Stay in touch to learn more by signing up for our email list below. :)

love boba, hate plastic?

Us too! Now you can make your own bubble tea at home with high quality ingredients and enjoy it in a cup or mug of your choice with reusable straws! With every purchase you make at bobagreen, 10% of our proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit, The Story of Stuff Project, a solutions-focused and community-minded organization that makes really important (and engaging!) movies to inspire action (watch them here!). Together, we can create a wave of change and stop single-use plastic pollution.

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How to make Bubble Milk Tea At Home


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