Bubble tea first came into our lives more than a decade ago, when we were young teenagers in NYC and had spare change from our summer jobs to splurge on this delicious Taiwanese drink. We can't place our finger on what it was- the chewy bubbles, fragrant tea flavor, or the milk or creamer that they served, but we were hooked from the first sip!

Over the years, the bubble tea trend quieted down, but it is now back in full force, sweeping the country from East Coast to West Coast, and even spreading globally. We rediscovered our love of bubble tea (and Taiwan!) ourselves in the summer of 2019, and filled our Instagram stories with weekly, sometimes daily bubble tea stories. However, as fun as it was to sip our drinks through a traditional bubble tea cup, we started feeling pretty bad about our boba addiction because of the plastic waste we are helping (and paying) to generate. We decided that it was better for the environment and our wallet to cut down on paying for bubble tea and just make it at home ourselves. It's quite simple and it empowers us to get our boba fix at home on demand.

Boba does not need to be served in a plastic cup, with a plastic lid, and a plastic straw. We understand that consumer behavior is hard to change, and people generally don't like change, but what about bringing a reusable bottle to your boba shop next time? Maybe keep a collapsible reusable straw in your bag or jacket when you go out? Please don't be fooled into thinking that you're not contributing to the problem because you recycle. Recycling is a business that only works when there is market demand. Learn more about the realities of plastic "recycling" here.

 The Team

Linh Nguyen

Linh Nguyen

Born and raised in Hanoi, Linh is a proud Vietnamese girl.

She has a passion for writing and believes in making impacts with small actions. Linh is studying Communication in the Netherlands with a desire to help tell the stories of businesses with sincere purposes. She is also a big supporter of women-owned businesses.

Linh joined bobagreen to bring the joy of bubble tea to more people, to take part in raising awareness of reducing single-use plastic, and to encourage a sustainable lifestyle. She helps with communication matters as well as creating and managing bobagreen digital content. Her favorite bubble tea flavor is Oolong bubble tea with black tapioca pearls.

mandy yeung


Mandy Yeung

Born in Hong Kong and raised in New York City, Mandy grew up wanting to understand how the world works. After 6 years in construction management, Mandy enrolled at Columbia Business School with a desire to do good through business. Upon graduation, Mandy initially returned to the work force instead of following her North Star, because of the risk averse mentality she held as a first-generation immigrant. However, at 6 months pregnant, she realized that she needed to be a worthy role model to the child she was bringing into this world. Mandy started bobagreen to share her love of bubble tea with the world, and, more importantly, help reduce the single-use plastic used by the boba industry.

daniel and olivia


Daniel & Baby Olivia 

Mandy's husband and daughter are both her biggest supporters and her biggest source of inspiration when times get rough and problems seem too complex to solve. They (mostly Daniel) help out with photo shoots, farmers' market events, and packing orders with love and care. Daniel and Mandy met when they were 15 years old and have been together for 13 years and counting ♥. 



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