Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Our Products

Is tapioca gluten free?

Yes- our tapioca is made from the root of the cassava plant, and is gluten free.

What else do I need to enjoy the bubble tea kits?

You will need your own drinking cup/glass/mug/bottle, sugar, water for tea, and your choice of milk.

Where can I find nutritional information for the tapioca and tea?

For the tapioca, check the photos on the product page. While the loose leaf teas are packed with antioxidants, they contain zero calories and no fat, carbohydrate, or protein content.

How long will the cooked tapioca last?

Once the tapioca is cooked, it will retain its chewiness and texture for about 5-6 hours unrefrigerated. However, we recommend refrigerating the tapioca within 2 hours of cooking it. Ideally, you would consume all the boba you cook in one setting to prevent loss in quality and texture.

Our Packaging

How is your packaging eco-friendly?

We work with suppliers that care about the environment like we do, and all our products are recyclable and/or made up of recycled material. At the moment, the only items not recyclable in our bubble tea kits are the reusable food grade bags that house the tapioca pearls and loose leaf teas due to the multi-layered construction of the bags. The bags are made up of recycled material, but water is required to recycle paper, and heat is required to recycle plastic and aluminum foil. Because the recycling methods for each material are different, the kraft bags are not classified as recyclable.

How do I dispose of your packaging material?

With the exception of the kraft bags, all our packaging material is recyclable. We are currently working on packaging our tapioca pearls and loose leaf tea in recyclable packaging material and hope to make updates to the products soon!

My Order

How long does processing take?

Your orders are hand processed with love and care. Please allow up to 5 business days for packaging, but we try our best to fill orders within 2-3 days.

How long does shipping take?

We ship using USPS Priority Mail, which states a 1-3 business day shipping period. Please double check your address to prevent delays in shipping.

How much is shipping?

We charge a flat rate of $6 for shipping to the United States, $15 to Canada, and shipping is free for orders over $75!

Why is shipping not free?

As an environmentally conscious company, we believe that free shipping does not always help our customers make the best decisions. Sure, we could build up the cost of shipping into our products, but the reality is there is a cost of shipping to the environment in the form of packaging and greenhouse gasses from transport. We hope that by offering free shipping for orders over $75, customers will place bulk orders in one swoop as opposed to ordering multiple boxes one at a time because shipping is "free."

P.S. In a literal sense, shipping is not free for the company because USPS charges us more than $6 to send a box, but we try our best as a small company to subsidize for our customers where we can. :)

Where do you ship?

Our DIY kits are available to ship in the United States and Canada. Want to bring bobagreen to your country? Let us know at!

What is your returns and refunds policy?

At bobagreen, your satisfaction is our main priority. Rest assure that in the unlikely event you're unhappy with one of our products, we will try our best to make everything right. Send us the details of your return at Photo evidence will have to be provided when notifying us of unforeseen fault or breakages.

About Us

What is bobagreen?

bobagreen is an eco-friendly bubble tea company. We make bubble tea and bubble tea inspired products that help reduce the environmental impact of our boba addictions. At the moment we are starting with DIY bubble tea kits, but we plan to offer reusable portable straws, cups, and bottles in the near future.

Why was bobagreen founded?

We love boba but we love our planet more- currently, the industry standard is to serve bubble tea in a plastic cup, with a plastic lid, and a fat plastic straw. We believe it doesn't have to be this way, and would like to do our part in preventing further plastic pollution in this world.

How are bubble tea kits helping the solve the single-use plastic pollution crisis?

Admittedly, while our company is eco-conscious, we know that DIY bubble tea kits aren't exactly a solution to the single-use plastic waste problem. We are not trying to tell everyone to stop visiting their favorite bubble tea shops. We are trying to raise awareness on what is happening to the planet when people en mass use a lot of plastic to enjoy a 10-minute drink. We believe in the good of people and that everyone is always trying their best, so we want to help consumers elevate what they accept as their best effort. With a problem as big as plastic pollution, it's easy to feel like what we do on our own can't possibly matter, but it does. We human beings are blessed with the ability to evolve, to improve ourselves, and to change for the better. There is no perfect solution to the plastic waste crisis. We can only strive for progress over time, but time is running out. As best as you can, please stop contributing to this global crisis.


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