Portable Reusable Boba Straws with Keychain Clip - Stainless Steel

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Enjoy reusable boba straws, but hate that you keep forgetting yours at home when you go out for bubble tea? Our telescopic, collapsible, portable bubble tea straw is here for you! Made of BPA-free food grade 304 stainless steel, perfectly sized for boba and super practical with a beveled, pointed tip and keychain clip included, our telescopic straw is the easiest way to start making your boba addiction a bit more eco-friendly. The straw also works for smoothies and milkshakes!


* Telescopic boba straw with pointed tip and adjustable length
* Telescopic straw cleaning brush with adjustable length
* Aluminum case with keychain clip 

Care Instructions:

Wash with soap and water to clean.
Allow parts to dry before storing straw in the carry case.

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