Sustainable Packaging Companies

Sustainable Packaging Companies

Sep 04, 2020Allison C

Image by Leone Venter from Unsplash

At bobagreen, we know the importance of sustainable packaging. Packaging is an essential part of creating a company’s brand, and its value cannot be overlooked. As businesses continue to do their part by taking sustainable actions, they will have to search for manufacturers to produce sustainable packaging for their products. These companies listed below provide sustainable packaging options that do not compromise the aesthetics of traditional packaging. We hope that this list provides a bit of insight into the realm of eco-friendly business!


Offers fully customizable bags, boxes, and more packaging products for business of all sizes. 

Qualities: Made with post-consumer recycled content, reusable, biodegradable in commercial composting facilities, water based inks.

Manufactured: USA


Sells eco-friendly mailers, bags, boxes, labels, and stickers. Some products can be customized for branded packaging. 

Qualities: Made from recycled content, biodegradable, recyclable.

Manufactured: USA

Greener Printer

Offers eco-friendly customizable boxes, stickers, and more.

Qualities: Biodegradable, recycled, soy based inks, carbon offsetting.

Manufactured: USA

Elevate Packaging

Sells recyclable, compostable, and recycle-friendly bags, pouches, labels, and stickers.

Qualities: 100% compostable, recyclable, bio-based, non-GMO.

Grounded Packaging 

Produces mailers, bags, boxes, and pouches, with the option to customize. 

Qualities: Compostable, bio-based, made with post-consumer recycled paper. 


Tishwish focuses on using plant-based materials to create sustainable mailers, tapes, and stickers.  

Qualities: Home Compostable (EN13432), Commercially Compostable (EN13432) plant-based.


Sells sustainable packaging bags and pouches which can be customized. 

Qualities: Compostable, recyclable, bio-based, GMO-free.

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