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How Bubble Tea Culture Contributes to the Plastic Pollution Crisis
Jan 06, 2020
Like most people, I am totally down for bubble tea after every meal. As they say, boba all day, every day! Not too long ago, I was blissfully ignorant in consuming my boba, not thinking twice about the plastic cups, plastic lids, and plastic straws I was tossing away after each single use. I told myself, I recycle, so it means there's no problem, right? Unfortunately, I was wrong.
How to Make Bubble Tea at Home (Save Money AND Say No to Plastic!)
Dec 30, 2019
 One way to cut down on costs and plastic waste is to make your own bubble tea at home and enjoy it in your choice of cup or mug. A bonus is that you get to control the quality of the ingredients of your boba when you do it yourself. Taste the quali-tea difference of loose tea leaves vs. powder!