Reusable Glass Straw Set for Boba, Bubble Tea, Smoothies


Elevate your boba experience! Glass makes everything taste better, more crisp. Our glass straw is made of borosilicate glass, especially for bubble tea, boba, and smoothies. It's perfect for every day use and comes with both a cleaning brush and cotton carrying pouch for your next bubble tea run! 🥳️

Material: Borosilicate glass
Length: 23 cm (9 inch)
Diameter: 16 mm (5/8 inch)
# of Straws: Choose between 1 or 2 glass straws in your set
Brush: included
Cotton Pouch: included (fits multiple straws and cleaning brush)

While our straw is designed with a beveled tip for the best boba sipping experience, it is not intended to poke a hole through the plastic lid in your boba tea. Instead, you can:

💚 Make bubble tea at home - easy, more cost effective, control what goes into your drink AND you won't have to worry about a plastic cover

🧡 At a boba shop ask your bobarista to poke a hole through the plastic cover, or use your keys or another sharp object to poke a hole through the plastic to use your glass straw

Care Instructions:
* Clean before first use
* We recommend hand washing with the included brush to clean the inside of the straw better
* Handle with care. Borosilicate glass is more durable than regular glass but they are not unbreakable

🌱 Did you know?
Over 500 million plastic straws are used and thrown away in the USA every single day. Plastic does not biodegrade and often end up in our oceans, ingested by unsuspecting sea animals, and causing them harm and/or killing them. bobagreen's super strong borosilicate glass straw is durable, natural, strong, toxin-free, BPA-free, and meant to be reused over and over again to reduce the need for single-use plastic straws.

Why Reusable?

Using a reusable cup for boba tea is a great way to enjoy your favorite drink while being kind to the planet. It reduces waste from single-use plastics, cutting down on pollution and conserving resources.

With proper care, reusable cups can last for years, offering a sustainable alternative. Many cafes also offer discounts for bringing your own cup. Embrace sustainability with every sip!