environmental impact of bubble tea

Why #GoBobaGreen?

At bobagreen, we believe that small actions can lead to big changes. 

We believe in the good of people and that everyone is always trying their best. We want to help consumers elevate what they accept as their best effort. With a problem as big as plastic pollution, it's easy to feel like what we do on our own can't possibly matter, but it does. 

Like you, we love boba but we love our planet more. The industry standard is to serve bubble tea in a plastic cup, with a plastic lid, and a fat plastic straw. However, that is not the one and only way to enjoy boba. 

We can make boba at home. We can bring a reusable bottle/cup when we go out to purchase bubble tea. We can make sure we have a reusable straw handy. We can petition our favorite bubble tea shops to stop using single-use plastic. We can influence and encourage our friends and family to do the same. We can start a high impact chain reaction, and it can start with you.

Unfortunately, there is no single perfect solution to the plastic waste crisis. We can only strive for progress over time, but time is running out. As best as you can, please stop contributing to this global crisis.

Let’s make every day Earth day!


The Story of Stuff Project

bobagreen is a big fan of The Story of Stuff Project because we believe that knowledge is power, and we love the thought provoking educational films that this nonprofit organization creates to spark important conversations. The Story of Stuff project takes a holistic approach to tackling big, scary environmental problems, and encourages consumers to build a world focused on "better" instead of "more."

In addition to donating 10% of our proceeds to this nonprofit organization, we would love to highlight some of our favorite videos below, and encourage you to take the Plastic Free Challenge!

The Story of Stuff: The original 20-minute short released in 2007 that tells the story of the things we consume, from extraction through sale, use and disposal. Most of us are not used to questioning where our goods come from, and where they go after we toss them in the trash or recycling bin. This eye-opening video will help you connect the dots and see the bigger picture.

Glass, Metal, Plastic: The Story of New York’s Canners: As a New York-based company, we were surprised to learn how canners play an important role in helping to clean up the city and reduce pollution. These people do good work on behalf of society and their story deserves much more support and attention.

Plastic Free Challenge