environmental impact of bubble tea

The Plastic Pollution Crisis is Real, and it's Happening Right Now

Even though the statistics are scary, it's easy to forget about the effects of plastic waste on our environment because we are all so busy with our own problems in daily life. But please, don't be fooled into thinking that your actions as an individual don't matter. If you're not part of the solution, you are, unfortunately, very much part of the problem. Next time you see single-use plastic (such as the bubble tea cup, lid, and fat straw, or take-out containers and utensils), ask yourself if it is really necessary, or if you could bring your own bottle and reusable straw to buy your bubble tea, or ask for paper packaging for take-out. 

We are big supporters of the nonprofit organization The Story of Stuff Project because we share a belief in the mission to reduce our consumption-crazed culture and stop plastic pollution. Thus, a portion of the proceeds from every single purchase you make at bobagreen is donated to The Story of Stuff Project. At bobagreen, we believe that every day should be earth day, and we hope you agree!

every day should be earth day