Earl Grey Black Tea - Loose Tea Leaves

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Earl Grey is one of the most recognized flavored teas in the world. This quintessentially British tea is a black tea base flavored with oil from the rind of bergamot orange, a citrus fruit with the appearance and flavor somewhere between an orange and a lemon, with a little grapefruit and lime thrown in.

As with black teas in general, this tea is fully oxidized.


Our Early Grey tea has a floral taste, and what makes this tea really enjoyable is the delicate aroma of bergamot which is present from the moment you open the bag.


You can brew our Earl Grey tea as you normally brew your favorite black tea, with your choice of a tea pot. If you don't have a tea pot, just use a mug with a tea strainer.

Warm up the tea pot with boiling water, put about 3 grams/1 tablespoon of tea, then pour around 8 oz of boiling water and cover tea pot for 3-5 minutes before serving.

Steep longer for higher concentration and a stronger flavor profile.


* 2 packets of tea, 8 servings, 1 tbsp per serving
* Loose tea leaves

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