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DIY Classic Bubble Milk Tea Kit

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With our popular DIY Bubble Tea Kit, you can now make your own boba at home with high quality ingredients and customize your drinks to your taste. Sip in your favorite cup, tumbler, or glass with our reusable straws. This is the perfect gift for boba lovers everywhere.

$35.00 USD


DIY Classic Bubble Milk Tea Kit (8 Servings):

Make your own bubble tea at home with our foolproof DIY kit! Hot or cold, 0% or 50% sugar - it's totally up to you! 

Have fun customizing your signature bubble tea drink and sharing it with your friends (or not 😉)!

Kit Includes:

* Boba/Bubble/Tapioca Pearls (400g/14oz)
* Earl Grey Black Loose Leaf Tea  (14g/0.5oz)
* Jasmine Green Loose Leaf Tea (14g/0.5oz)
* 2 Reusable Boba Straws - Stainless Steel or upgrade to Borosilicate Glass (New!)
* "The Art of Bubble Tea" Recipe & Information Booklet

Note: We've updated our boba packaging to reduce waste!


We work with suppliers that care about the environment like we do, and all our products are recyclable and/or made up of recycled material. At the moment, the only items not recyclable in our bubble tea kits are the reusable food grade bags that house the tapioca pearls and loose leaf teas due to the multi-layered construction of the bags. The bags are made up of recycled material, but water is required to recycle paper, and heat is required to recycle plastic and aluminum foil. Because the recycling methods for each material are different, the kraft bags are not classified as recyclable.


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