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Sustainable Packaging Companies
Sep 04, 2020
At bobagreen, we know the importance of sustainable packaging. Packaging is an essential part of creating a company’s brand, and its value cannot be overlooked. As businesses continue to do their part by taking sustainable actions, they will have to search for manufacturers to produce sustainable packaging for their products. These companies listed below provide sustainable packaging options that do not compromise the aesthetics of traditional packaging. We hope that this list provides a bit of insight into the realm of eco-friendly business!
Sustainable Packaging & Shipping Products
Aug 21, 2020
We all know that feeling of eagerly awaiting for a delivery. When the day finally arrives, we receive the package - only to find out that the shipping and packaging materials are completely unsustainable! We’ve been in that situation countless times, and we are always torn when we see the amount of waste that one delivery creates. At bobagreen, our mission is to prevent the copious amount of plastic waste that a single serving of bubble tea creates, so it is just as important for us to use sustainable materials when we ship and package our products.
Meet the boba family: Taro Boba
Jul 08, 2020
Uniquely beautiful both for the look and the taste, the big sister of the boba family, Taro Boba is almost a classic when it comes to boba flavors. Get to know what is taro boba, the story of taro, and 4 homemade taro boba recipes, from easy to fancy.
Meet the boba family: Classic Boba
Mar 29, 2020
Let's meet Classic Boba, the first member of the boba family! If you do not know what kind of boba to pick, Classic Boba will always be a good choice.
A brief history of boba tea
Mar 10, 2020
Ever wonder when, where and how was boba tea a.ka. bubble tea invented? Let’s travel back to Taiwan in the late ‘80s – where the boba culture begins, and take a look at the evolution of boba tea over time!
How Bubble Tea Culture Contributes to the Plastic Pollution Crisis
Jan 06, 2020
Like most people, I am totally down for bubble tea after every meal. As they say, boba all day, every day! Not too long ago, I was blissfully ignorant in consuming my boba, not thinking twice about the plastic cups, plastic lids, and plastic straws I was tossing away after each single use. I told myself, I recycle, so it means there's no problem, right? Unfortunately, I was wrong.